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When is Camp Stamp 2024 and Where will stamp be traveling?

July  11-25 

The journey will take us through Florida, Georgia, and in honor of our TENTH summer B"H, we'll be concluding our trip in the beautiful state of “Tennessee”

Who Does Camp Stamp Cater To?

Camp Stamp is for frum high school girls. We accept girls from various Bais Yaakovs around the globe .

(We have had campers from Belgium,  London, Eretz Yisroel and Canada)


What Cities Do You Travel To?
Camp Stamp has visited...

*Miami, Florida

*Orlando, Florida

*Jacksonville, Florida

*Atlanta, Georgia

*Chattanooga, Tennesse

*Nashville, Tennesse

*Louisville, Kentucky 

*St. Louis, Missouri

*Chicago, Illinos

*Magic Kingdom

*Universal Studios

*Island of Adventure


*Animal Kingdom

*Disney's Holywood Studios

*Ruby Falls

*Stone Mountain Park

* World of Coca-Cola

*Navy Pier

*White water rafting in the Ocoee River

*Mall of America

* Wisconsin, Dells 

And LOTS more!!!

Where do you stay?

Throughout camp we stay at  hotels all of which cater to our safety and religious needs.

What sort of activities do you do?

At Camp Stamp each day is maximized to its fullest. We have fun filled days, while visiting main attractions of the cities we are touring. 

What about Jewish life in camp?

We travel the country as a group of frum girls and enable our campers to gain inspiration from that. Our day starts with time provided for Shachris, as well as stops for Mincha. We have shiurim every day prepared by our wonderful counselors, delivered with a special level of comfort between our staff and campers, enabling them to ask  their hashkafa or halachachik  questions. We have a Rav that advises us and specializes in teen programming who is available for our calls 24/7. The highlight  for many are our two Shabbosim spent together. We have panels and guest speakers to further inspire each camper.

What is the Camp Stamp Family?

At Camp Stamp we have the advantage of having a small group. The 30 girls and 1:6 staff camper ratio enables us to form a close unit. The campers stay in touch throughout the year and are often getting together and having reunions. The Camp Stamp staff arrange weekly phone-in shuirim and are always available to speak with. 

ABOUT CAMP STAMP - Frequently Asked Questions

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